Who We Are

Indgiants Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of a team of highly experienced academicians and IT professionals. The Cognizance of Indgiants has highly experienced experts staging themselves to provide employment opportunities to youth through their Creativity by establishing an everlasting Connectivity between Entrepreneurs and Investors.

Youth Empowerment Through eLearning and E-Commerce Products and Services

“Make in India – Vocal for Global” by Enabling Indian entrepreneurs to expand their business Pan-India through the concept of Franchising to empower youth and subsequently create employment opportunities to youth. Indgiants Mission: The 3 C’s Cognizance, Creativity and Connectivity (3 C’s) are the basic foundation blocks on which Indgiants is being raised to realize its vision.

Indgiants Vision

Our Focus

We are focused to enable Entrepreneurs of Make in India products to expand into every location of India

Our Objective

We are focused to empower youth by establishing franchises through our convincing voice of “Vocal for Local”

Our Aim

We are focused to network Entrepreneurs with Franchisees and weave a National Network Web that empowers youth in India.

Indgiants Mission

Indgiants Education Services Indgiants facilitates the pursuit of education online through web and mobile applications providing a simple integrated solution which is easy to understand and accessible to all. Indgiants launched a web portal called https://www.mindhosts.comintroducing a new hybrid teaching method called “HOST E-Learning”

How Indgiants is Transforming Education in India

Indgiants is helping to transform education in India in a number of ways. First, the company’s HOST eLearning Platform is helping educational institutions to implement digital transformation and deliver a high-quality education to all students. Second, Indgiants is providing training and support to teachers and administrators to help them use the platform effectively. Third, Indgiants is working with government agencies and other stakeholders to promote digital transformation in the education sector.