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Work & grow in the fastest growing Ed-Tech industry for Schools, Colleges and Universities with unlimited performance based earning opportunity in B2B and B2C model. We look forward to knowing you more so that we can share and discuss the business proposal.

Business Opportunities in Education Sector - Join Hands with the Top Ed-Tech Company

Are you looking for business opportunities in education sector or looking for better education franchise opportunities to create a better educational environment?

Join hands with a reputed Ed-Tech Company or Educational Technology Company and you will be able to expand your ventures in education sector through advanced and Best Apps for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Indgiants, an online venture has been developing advanced Educational Apps for Schools, Colleges and Universities. We are creating better and profitable business opportunities in education sector that will help you achieve your targets and become a well-established name in the industry. The Indgiants’s personalized and affordable Learning App for School is equipped with spiral learning pedagogy that is another exquisite strategy with this brand.

We provide you with the Best Educational Apps for Schools, Colleges and Universities that are the following:

We have apps for subject wise that you can get and download according to your teaching or schooling needs. We provide better opportunities to B2B Ed-tech Companies expand their business ventures and fly high into the educational domain with success graph – increasing day after day. We have in-house team of experienced teachers and developers, who work collaboratively to develop the Best Apps for Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Business Opportunities in Education Sector with the Best Ed-Tech Company

We offer Education Franchise Opportunities to help you reach more and more students and change the way of teaching in modern way. We offer the best Business Opportunities in Education Sector through franchise. We are the trusted Education Technology Company – changing the way of learning and teaching through apps that are advanced and equipped with 28000 Plus videos, quizzes, revision notes, assessments, sample papers, e-books from renowned authors and a lot more. You can download Indgiants apps from App Store and Google Play.


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How Indgiants is Transforming Education in India

Indgiants is helping to transform education in India in a number of ways. First, the company’s HOST eLearning Platform is helping educational institutions to implement digital transformation and deliver a high-quality education to all students. Second, Indgiants is providing training and support to teachers and administrators to help them use the platform effectively. Third, Indgiants is working with government agencies and other stakeholders to promote digital transformation in the education sector.