Indgiants Preamble

The role of Corporate India is vital in the coming years; Corporate India, should not only be creating value by addressing key societal needs, it should also support the expansion of the vibrant entrepreneurial sector. Besides, these entrepreneurial sectors need to have Cognizance of the complete map of the vacuous zones of its production and achieve Connectivity with the youth in such vacuous zones of rural India, and partner with them by Creating and implementing new developmental approaches.

A detailed analysis of all the key sectors by Indgiants has resulted in the identification of

1. Provide Education services through innovative connectivity and blended learning.

2. Promote localized manufacture of quality essentials to reduce the cost                      overheads of essential commodities.

3. Encouraging growth of retail and wholesale dealership & distribution by                    promoting franchises pan-India

These are some of the areas identified by Indgiants of the many to achieve the dream of urbanization of rural India. With the digital divide between the rural and urban India narrowing down, the governance is now able to achieve both digital and physical connectivity with the rural India. This gives birth to the scope for adopting creative and innovative solutions in each and every sector and in the process lend solidarity to India’s development.

Our Platforms

The last five decades has witnessed an ocean of change in the life styles of families across the globe. There has been a vast migration of students in the name of education and in the process, it was a sad and forcible separation of families in the name of growth of a generation.
The millennials have been the trend setters and almost parents of three generations were orphaned due to this factor of ‘abroad for education for a better future’. The trends and mindsets have been changing globally too, with time, ever since the millennials evolved as the primary customers. The attitudinal change in not wanting to invest in materialistic possessions that turn out to be liabilities on a long run. As such they do not need drill bits any more, they just need drilled holes. They are prepared to outsource the task for a smart and happy experience to accomplish the same.
Indgiants Pvt Ltd is creating opportunities to fulfill the customer needs by identifying their objectives and understanding the contexts of their needs. Indgiants is growing into the future and expanding through its ‘Youth Empowerment Drive’ to emerge with a promise to ‘The Best Customer Experience’ through its eLearning and eCommerce portals. Indgiants franchising solutions have been aimed at fulfilling the nation’s development through its ‘Youth Empowerment Drive’ by creating excellent entrepreneurial employment opportunities to youth. Indgiants is motivating and encouraging entrepreneurial skills in youth and is helping them setup their own franchise. Indgiants provides creative, innovative and intuitive products and services that cover a broad spectrum of global markets. We are striving at networking with youth nation-wide, through our integrated franchising solutions.

Indgiants has launched an earning Portal to provide End-to-end Education Solutions for the New Normal through to Schools, Colleges, Coaching Institutes, Tuition Centers and Individual Trainers and Tuition Teachers. These portals have been designed using the state-of-the-art technology where the faculty can continue their classes using their mobiles and students can take the classes through their mobiles.

Indgiants is transforming the academic world into a ‘Global Classroom’. It has launched a mobile application called ‘Lecturersclub’ through its exclusive eLearning Portal that transforms academicians into ‘Global Trainers’ through the unique features of its ‘Mobile Classrooms’. The Lecturersclub APP is a technovation of Indgiants to Transform India into a Developed Nation. Lecturersclub supports every trainer Where, we put technology into every Trainer’s pocket.

How Indgiants is Transforming Education in India

Indgiants is helping to transform education in India in a number of ways. First, the company’s HOST eLearning Platform is helping educational institutions to implement digital transformation and deliver a high-quality education to all students. Second, Indgiants is providing training and support to teachers and administrators to help them use the platform effectively. Third, Indgiants is working with government agencies and other stakeholders to promote digital transformation in the education sector.